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An entrepreneur by profession, Talal Rafi received a First Class Honours in Business Management from London. He schooled at the Colombo International School. Following his education, he gained valuable experience in the emerging industry of electronic cigarettes in the UK. With a focus on marketing and consultancy, Talal continued his experience in business in diverse sectors such as FMCG, real estate, insurance and banking. As co-founder of the revolutionizing co-working space company, Hubpoint, Talal sought to leverage his international experience in addressing a key gap in the commercial real estate sector in Sri Lanka. He is also a Director of Venture Green Global Pvt Ltd, which exports value added Sri Lankan primary goods to the world. Talal is a Certified Professional Marketer, certified by the Asia Marketing Federation of Singapore. As a Co-Founder of T3follow, Talal provides digital marketing solutions and insights to a diverse clientele. Talal was selected for a leadership training programme conducted by the Bank of America and the Royal Bank of Scotland in London and holds a certificate in Islamic Banking and Finance from London. Talal is also a regular columnist for Daily FT in Sri Lanka covering topics from politics to sociology to economics. Talal is also the founder of the movement for Universal Basic Income in Sri Lanka where he has done joint press releases with leading figures such as Professor Guy Standing from the University of Cambridge, who is an economic advisor to the British Labour Party and to Dr Jim Pugh, who was a former Director under President Barack Obama.


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